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It is impossible to resist the appeal of hand-dyed wool. Its suede like appearance and attractive warm tones simply beg to be touched.

This manual is intended for both the inexperienced hand-dyer, as well as for those who have had their hands in the dye pot for some time. Basic and intermediate information is provided for those just beginning to learn about dyeing, while more advanced dyers will find a good number of useful formulas. Included are 100 formulas using Cushing Perfection Acid Dyes, as well as 52 formulas using ProChem FastWash Acid Dyes.

The formulas and methods presented in Beautiful Wool will help anyone produce beautiful hand-dyed wool.

Fredericksburg Rugs and Blue Heron Textiles happily announces that the book Beautiful Wool : A Hand-Dyer’s Guide, by Laurice Heath is now available at www.iloverughooking.com/bewohagubyla.html

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